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Ground photos of the 2002 'Alien Face' Formation

A collection of photos taken from ground level.

These photos were all taken on the morning of Sunday 18th August. They were taken on an Olympus C3030 digital camera at an original resolution of 1024x768 pixels. I've subsequently compressed them using Photodesk in order to save space. You can click on the thumbnails below in order to see the full-size versions, which will be displayed in a new window.

Photo 01
Arriving at the end of the track, showing the nearby radio towers.
Photo 02
A wider shot showing the other towers.
Photo 03
Parked at the side of the field, looking towards the formation.
Photo 04
Close up of the pixels in the face.
Photo 05
Looking west across the face and towards the 'disc'.
Photo 06
Looking across the face.
Photo 07
Looking back from the face towards the radio towers.
Photo 08
View from the alien looking down across the 'disc'.
Photo 09
Another view of the bottom end of the face, looking towards the 'disc'.
Photo 10
The ground lay of the 'disc'.
Photo 11
The ground lay of the 'disc', looking left to right across the top of it (when viewed relative to the original aerial photos).
Photo 12
The top part of the 'disc', showing the radio masts to the east.
Photo 13
The centre of the 'disc'.
Photo 14
More ground details of the 'disc'.
Photo 15
The centre of the 'disc'.
Photo 16
More ground details of the 'disc'.
Photo 17
Researchers Steve & Lesley Clementson in the centre of the 'disc'.
Photo 18
More ground details of the 'disc'.
Photo 19
Looking across the disc and bottom portion of the face, towards the north.
Photo 20
Close up of a thin line in the face, just above the 'disc'.
Photo 21
A wider shot of the thin line in the face, just above the 'disc'.
Photo 22
Give away?
A small LED sighting device(?) found near the formation. Did a hoaxer drop it?

Update - 27th July 2003

I've received a number of emails regarding the small LED device found in the field. This was found by my colleague Freddy Silva on the morning after the formation was reported. He passed it onto me for subsequent analysis (as I've studied electronics). It's a very simple device consisting of a green Light Emitting Diode (LED) connected to a battery via a small on/off switch. It was wrapped in plastic tape, which was still sticky and indicative that it hadn't been left out for long as there was no weather erosion on it. Indeed, it still worked and could be operated.

I've no idea what it could be used for other than a sighting device in the dark. It might have been dropped by hoaxers or it may have been deliberately 'planted' by debunkers/hoaxers.

The device is still in my possession.

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