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Crop Circle Research Projects into Sound and Harmonics

Ongoing research projects

My biggest ongoing research project is into sound, harmonics and vibration. I am investigating healing, therapy and Psycho-Kinetic (PK) effects of sound and music.
A lot of my research into sound was triggered by early reports of 'sounds' recorded in the vicinity of crop circles and, later being introduced to Gerald Hawkins, whom I shared many theories and ideas with, before being inspired to convert crop formation shapes into sound patterns and harmonic sequences, using computer technology.
Sadly, Gerald passed away in May 2003, but My own research continues to this day and I hope to expand this section of the website in the near future to detail some of my research findings and theories, including some of Geralds unpublished thoughts that I shared with him in the months before he died.


Over the years, a number of humming, trilling and other 'unexplained' sounds have been heard in the vicinity of crop circles. One of the earliest experiences of this kind was documented by Arthur Shuttlewood in the magazine Now! (29th Aug 1988) and later reprinted in Terrence Meaden's Journal of Meteorology (vol.9, 1984) in which a number of people witnessed the formation of a circle as it appeared in long grass near Starr Hill in West Wiltshire (UK). To quote from their experience,
"Suddenly the grass began to sway before our eyes and laid itself flat in a clockwise spiral, just like the opening of a lady's fan. A perfect circle was completed in less than half a minute, all the time accompanied by a high-pitched humming sound. It was still there the next day".

One of the best documented examples of sound in relation to crop circles was reported by Colin Andrews and consisted of a number of short bursts of oscillating tones (or 'trilling' noises) recorded on audio tape. This was recorded during what was known as Operation White Crow, which took place in Hampshire during the summer of 1989.
I did some analysis on this myself when Colin kindly provided me with an original recording. You can read more information on this event, together with my own analysis, on my Operation White Crow page.

I've always been interested in sound analysis and music, especially in the field of computer generated sound effects and synthesised tones and often dabbled in computer music and MIDI programming. To me, the concept of sounds and 'music' being linked to crop circles was most intriguing and I wanted to research more.

Diatonic Ratios and Harmonic Geometries

In the early years of the 1990's I had also become intrigued by the geometry and design of the crop circles and had become analysing the geometric shapes using some custom computer software I had developed. As I started publishing some of my findings, I started to receive feedback from around the world.

In 1994 I received a lengthy correspondence from a retired professor of astronomy at Boston University called Gerald Hawkins. He wrote that he was impressed with some of my computer analysis and wished to share some notes with me. This was to be the beginning of a new path of research for me, and one I am continuing to this day.
Gerald sadly passed away in May 2003 but I wish to continue his pioneering work into crop circle geometry.

In his letter he described his early analysis of crop patterns and expanded upon some theories he was working on, which included his study of diatonic ratios found in some crop circles. He also explained some crop circle theorems he was working on and explained that he would appreciate my help in confirming them.

Circular Harmonics

Even though I never met Gerald in person, I felt a kind of 'connection' with him and continued to communicate with him until the time of his death. We obviously thought on a similar wavelength because we'd quite often contact each other, only to find that we'd both been working on the same area of research or come to similar conclusions on a particular matter.

Having become interested in his diatonic ratio research, I had an idea of merging my skills at computer music with Geralds ideas in order to actually synthesise some of the sounds he was indicating. After all, it's quite difficult to understand a theory on paper, but far easier to audibly listen to musical tones. The next stage was to modify my geometrical analysis computer software in order to generate MIDI data I could send to a bank of synthesizers in order to listen to what I was seeing on the computer screen.

This was to become the start of one of my biggest research projects - that of converting crop circles into circular harmonics.

Ongoing Research

The symbiosis of shape (form) and sounds (frequency) is not new. In fact it dates back to the 4th century BC, when Pythagoras described the harmony of the spheres, which originated from observations of the planets in the heavens, which Pythagorians thought were separated from one another by specific intervals corresponding to the harmonic lengths of strings, which defined their movement and gave rise to a music sound or 'harmony of the spheres'.

There are a huge number of interlocking pieces in the harmonic jigsaw and it's my belief that by investigating the mathematical links between crop circles, music and harmonics we can discover new methods for healing, meditation and spiritual advancement.

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