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The aim of this site is to state the case for extra-terrestrial contact with this planet and to provide evidence that has been hidden, suppressed or simply forgotten.
Even if you are a sceptic, we hope to provide enough facts and verifiable evidence in order for you to re-evaluate your beliefs.

End Secrecy
If you still remain sceptical then that's fine. If you become (or remain) a believer then that's fine too. We are not forcing you to believe any particular point of view, but merely to become open-minded enough to study the evidence and make un-biased, informed decisions. The evidence presented here could affect your life one day, so all we ask is that you remain open-minded and familiarise yourself with the evidence available to you.

Don't take anything at face value, either when presented by us, or presented by the ill-informed media. If something inspires you, then do your own investigations.

Take the time to find out for yourself.

This site also hosts the official UK Operation Right To Know (ORTK) web site.

If you have any questions, please ask.

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